Old Dominion University, USA (Jan 2019 - Present)
Ph.D. - Computer Science

I study and collaborate on research involving Data Science, Signal Processing, and Machine Learning. I also used EEG and Eye-Tracking data to build machine learning models to predict a diagnosis of neuro-developmental conditions like ASD and ADHD. As my dissertation project, I’m building a stream-oriented framework to create scientific workflows through visual programming and flow-based programming (Project: StreamingHub).

GPA - 4.0. Awards - Dominion Graduate Scholar (2019). Advisor - Dr. Sampath Jayarathna. Key Courses - Data Science & Analytics, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Data Structures & Algorithms, Computer Architecture, DevOps Containers & Cloud.
University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka (Jan 2015 - Dec 2018)
B.Sc. - Computer Science and Engineering

I studied Distributed Systems, Database Systems, Algorithms, Object Oriented Software Development, Data Science, and Machine Learning. As my thesis project I built a full-stack, event-driven, microservices framework for Java, with business modeling (Project: MSstack).

GPA - 3.84. Awards - Dean’s List (Semester 1,2,4,6-8). Advisor - Dr. Indika Perera. Key Courses - Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Advanced Algorithms, Data Mining & Information Retrieval, Distributed Systems.