XAI-Bacteria (2021-Present)
Python TensorFlow SciPy NumPy

Building interpretable deep learning algorithms for culture-free early detection of antibiotic drug resistant bacteria using Computer Vision and Quantitative Phase Microscopy (QPM). Microscopic images of different bacteria strains are used to train Capsule-Network models with a smooth latent space representation.

StreamingHub (2019-Present)
Node-RED Python Liblsl WebSockets Node TF.js Docker Kubernetes HTML JS CSS

A stream-oriented framework to create scientific workflows through visual programming and flow-based programming. It provides a web interface to create scientific workflows, connect to sensory data streams, pipe sensory data through workflows, and visualize analytics in real-time. A repository of preset workflows is also provided for common use cases. Additionally, it supports re-streaming of stored data into workflows, and generating synthetic data using stored data.

Robust PDFLinks (2021)
Python PyPDF2 PDFIUM GRPBiD PDFMiner Flask Linked Data HTML JS CSS

A web service to generate robust links for web resources. It allows to upload PDF documents, extract URLs from PDF annotations/text, invoke the Robust Links Service on URLs to preserve their content in web archives, and thereby generate robust links. Upon generating robust links, their availability can be announced to external systems via Linked Data Notifications. It also allows to view PDF documents side-by-side with robust links.

MGaze (2020)
MediaPipe TF.js Node Parcel HTML JS CSS

Collaborative project for webcam-based, multi-user eye tracking on the browser. It eliminates the need for additional eye-tracking equipment by performing facial detection, facial landmarks detection, iris detection, and gaze estimation through webcam feeds.

ASDetection (2019)
TensorFlow Python Numpy Pandas PyWavelets

Using EEG and Thermography data to predict a diagnosis of ASD. Here, EEG signals were first pre-processed. Simultaneously, features were extracted from Thermography data. Next, a wavelet transformation was applied on each EEG signal to generate features. Machine learning models were then trained from these features to predict a diagnosis of ASD.

HACS (2019)
Python Internet Archive SciPy NumPy Pandas

Estimating the rate of change of the academic web using archived copies of web pages. Here, archived copies are first obtained from the Internet Archive through its CDX Server API. Next, for each web page, archived copies are analyzed to detect when changes have occurred. These changes are then modeled as a poisson process, and used to predict when a page is likely to change in the future.

TheGPService (2017)
React Native AWS Docker Docker-Compose Angular Spring Boot PostgreSQL OpenID-Connect OAuth2 BitBucket HTML JS CSS

Built a mobile application for making doctor consultations. Re-structured cloud infrastructure on AWS to reduce costs. Set up unified logging using AWS CloudWatch. Created Dockerfiles and BitBucket Pipelines to build, test, and push build artifacts into AWS. Provided development and production support for the web apps of The GP Service (UK) Ltd.

  • Added single-sign-on capability to web portal.
  • Upgraded web portal from Angular 2.x to 4.x.
Containerized Deployment of Apache OODT (2019)
Java Maven Docker Docker-Compose Avro Solr SLF4J JIRA Confluence

Created Dockerfiles for each core component in Apache OODT. Added a Maven Archetype to auto-generate Dockerfiles and a Docker-Compose file when creating a new Apache OODT project. Issue tracking was handled using JIRA, and documentation was written using Confluence.

MSstack (2018)
Java Netty Kafka Zookeeper Curator Git

A full-stack, event-driven, microservices framework for Java, with business modeling. It abstracts away the complexities of microservices architecture by providing interfaces to write business logic. The framework internally handles microservice lifecycle, data partitioning, and auto-scaling. It also facilitates generating boilerplate code from Business Process Models.

Semantic-KB (2017)
ElasticSearch TensorFlow PostgreSQL NLTK Scrapy Flask Python DialogFlow HTML JS CSS

Internship project at WSO2 Lanka (PVT) Ltd to automate question answering in WSO2 Support portal. Created a document index using ElasticSearch, a reinforcement learning model using TensorFlow to predict document-query relevance, and a search interface using HTML, JS, and CSS.

DengAI (2017)
Python Scikit-Learn Pandas WEKA

A competition hosted by DrivenData, to model the spread of Dengue using weather and geographical information. Built a machine learning model that ranked #1 in 2017.

TourMate (2017)
Express.JS Node MongoDB React Git HTML JS CSS

A web platform aimed at tourists and tour providers. Tourists can discover tour services and make reservations, while tour providers can post and advertise their services.

Raven (2016)
Microsoft Emotion API C# Git

A real-time customer satisfaction monitoring framework for the hospitality industry. It uses camera feeds to detect customer faces, analyze their emotions, and provide satisfaction ratings and dissatisfaction alerts in real-time.

Onion (2016)

A Point-of-Sales, Inventory, Reporting, Loan, and Payroll System for Dambulla Dedicated Economic Centre, Sri Lanka

MusicSchool (2016)
PHP Laravel jQuery MySQL HTML JS CSS

A web platform to manage information of a medium sized music school. It supports classroom management, progress tracking, attendance, and payroll.